Alptrekking, is...


Alptrekking is a trekking route across/trek crossing Italy, France and Switzerland, set among the most prestigious 4000-metre Alpine peaks, including Mischabels, Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn,Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, Dent Blanche, Combins and Mont Blanc.

Alptrekking goes from the Monte Moro Pass to the Col des Montets, via the Great St Bernard Pass and the Alptrekking pyramid. It follow the path of six other trekking tours, both to the south and to the north: Tour of Monte Rosa, Tour of the Matterhorn, Tour des Grands Barrages, Tour of the Combins, Tour of St-Bernard and Tour of Mont-Blanc.

Alptrekking visits the high passes and the valleys that punctuate the Alpine peaks, blending mountain scenery and the life of the Alpine valleys.

Alptrekking provides extra value to those who love walking and trekking in the Alps, and offers an opportunity for economic and tourism development in the valleys it goes through.

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